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Police Identify Suspect in Recent SC Shooting That Left Three Women Dead

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Police Identify Suspect in Recent SC Shooting That Left Three Women Dead

A 23-year-old man, Kenneth Ancrum, has been charged in connection with the shootings at Ravenel mobile home park that left three people dead and another person hurt.  The suspect Kenneth Ancrum has been officially charged with three counts of murder, one count of attempted murder and possession of a firearm during a violent crime. All three murder victims were female.

Around 1:30 pm a call came in and officers with the Charleston County Sheriff’s department responded because of shots fired thinking it was a domestic dispute or disturbance.  When police arrived they saw Ancrum trying to leave the mobile home park with a female passenger.  Deputies state that he was trying to drag the injured female into his car.

police-shootingOfficers detained him and took him into custody and the officer saw the female victim has a gunshot wound to her thigh.  At that point the victim was taken to a nearby medical center for treatment.  When more police officers arrived on the scene they soon discovered the carnage inside the mobile home.  They found two deceased women and one child inside the home, along with an unharmed four-month old baby.  The child was taken care of by officers until social services arrived on the scene.

The shooting did seem to be a domestic situation that turned very bad, quickly.  Investigators processed the crime scene and additionally went door to door interviewing neighbors trying to get a better idea of what exactly happened that afternoon.

South Carolina ranks as number one for violence against women and this case is a glaring example.  Deaths of women in South Carolina is 2.32 killed per 100,000.  This is more than two times the national average.  A study showed that 94 percent of women killed in South Carolina were killed by someone they knew and usually with a gun.

“Yet in the face of these alarming statistics, more needs to be done at the federal and state levels to protect women from abuse and prevent future tragedies,” Rand said.

“Domestic violence is a growing problem across the nation and when angry spouses have access to weapons it can have fatal consequences like in the above story,” says Joe Saunderfur, managing partner at a top wrongful death law firm in Myrtle Beach at

Domestic violence is one of the leading causes of death for women nationwide.  Unfortunately, there is very little victims canpolice-investigation-lightbox do to protect themselves from a violent partner.  Yes, courts will issue restraining orders, but when people get violent a piece of paper rarely stops them from harming a person.  Victims are often forced to go into hiding and completely remake their lives in order to simply survive.  The laws do not air on the side of the victim, but give too many chances to the violators.  By the time a woman is taken seriously by authorities it is often too late.

If you have been the victim of domestic violence or lost a loved one due to a violent situation contact an attorney and let them help fight for you.

Business Legal Tips To Improve Your Business

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Business Legal Tips To Improve Your Business


At present world, there are as much lots of new business are updating daily without fail. Many people wish to own their own business instead of working in any organizations and getting monthly salary payments. There are many different kinds of approaches available for you to make planning, preparing as well as commitments by the operators are essential while you selling a business.

If you wish to know detail, information regarding business legal tips etc then read the following information.

Advertising is an enterprise that is similar to quite a few other necessary venture, at this circumstance  you are supposed to start  establishing purpose and gathered the activities that are essential for to carry you to the end. On one occasion, if you have discussed the actions then start work from different sides with use of approaches that you have to put forth to reach your destination at your principle.

While encouraging an endeavor, it is critical thing for you to gather the entire information based on your enterprise. If one more starting opportunities that requires you to being ready that how your resolve in reality goes regarding improving your enterprise. However, does your approach on either buying or selling business approximately depend on your own otherwise you will search for high professionals to assist before starting the business? Currently, many numbers of company are more money-making at shifting palms while there is some of the other additional assist in the center and the indicates containing an experienced adviser on your features that is authority in sales of endeavor can be tremendously clever perception. While using these kinds of assist of a knowledgeable seller of an enterprise either many be important when this methods of obtaining affordable prices as well as used to improve an enterprise in suitable approaches.

Business information and assessment:

If you are an entrepreneur and you are, looking for efficient sell in your business, then you have to consider some of the essential characterized that helps your enterprises to promote your business to the higher level. The determination is inward to twist into the asking price for the endeavor. Unfortunately, a right price cannot found without having accurate particulars and information regarding whatever endeavor is in anxiety. If you decide to own your business successful the make, use of business legal tips etc and promote your business to the next level. The importance thing you have to performing first movements of selling your own business terms and conditions you have to gather these kinds of information detail. However, it is necessary for you to promote your business enterprise, make use of utilized for figuring out, and ask price for your enterprise. Moreover, some of the conditions for you to purchase cash out and terms. The cash out is sale and primarily identified that the users is going to shelling out acceptable prices accurately in entire ways to buy your organizations. The prices of purchasing this occurrence may be very lower that the cost of purchasing some of the terms.

Therefore, make use of this tip and promote your business.

Different Ways To Find Lawyers

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Different Ways To Find Lawyers

Most of the people need the support of lawyer in many situations. People have different problems and to solve the critical situation they need the support of lawyers. People those who are in need of lawyers it is best to consult with their family members, friends and their employees. Individuals need lawyers for filing bankruptcy, legal dispute, drafting an estate plan and so on. Most of the people need the lawyer support at the time of buying home or properties. How to find the best lawyer is the big question for many people.

Some of the ways to find the best lawyers are asking recommendation of lawyers to their best friends and relatives. Some people already have lawyers but if they are in need of specialized lawyer they can ask for referral. For different areas different lawyers are working and they will refer the lawyers those who are specialized in the particular field.

People can refer in online for finding the leading lawyers. Most of the websites are available for finding the lawyers for different cases and in different areas. Individuals can find the lawyer those who are good in their area. It is very good for clients to know about the lawyer in the website because they can read the reviews given by the clients. Most of the sites will give the full information of the lawyer’s background and the details about their fees. Most of the leading lawyers will charge high fees and this details of the lawyer will be helpful for clients to hire the lawyer those who suits their budget. It is good to check the details of more attorneys to find the best one. Many people like to hire the lawyer whose name comes first on the website. Some times that lawyer may less worth. It is good for people to search for the details of many lawyers to hire the best one.

They can get the information of best lawyers through referral. And many people have their friends or relatives have any contact with the lawyers so they can get the idea about the particular lawyer.

For example if their friends buy a new home with the help of lawyer they can hire the same lawyer for their property work. If they are staying on other area they can ask the lawyer to refer the best lawyer in their area.

Most of the people like to see the records of them before they are hiring them. People can ask questions to the lawyer about their doubts. To know about the lawyer many people like to cross examine the lawyer before they are hiring them.

Most of the lawyers are not charging fees for first consultation.

This will be more useful for people to share their doubts regarding the case with lawyer. They can get the suggestion from the lawyer. By considering three, four lawyers they can take decision which lawyer is best to argue their case. They can directly go to the lawyer by getting reference with other people.

Meet the Attorneys Who Fight For Justice

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Meet the Attorneys Who Fight For Justice

At times minor assault or attack will be viewed as criminal case and the accused will be held behind the bars for years together. Prove the innocence in the court of law by engaging these mind blowing lawyers. One of the lawyers working in this firm will provide awesome Legal Tips on how to come out of the case hassle free. The authorities will arrest the people who are possessing drugs without asking any questions and coming out from their clutch is an uneasy task. Engaging one of the lawyers from this office is a wise decision. He will come and discuss with the authorities about innocent involvement and try to release him immediately. Petty thefts are in the rise and many innocent youngsters are charge sheeted by the authorities for no mistakes done by them. Arrest and fine is a common dialogue in the premises of police authorities. The lawyers will work out a beautiful plan and rescue the innocent youngsters from the clutches of police authorities.

The lawyers who draws a perfect plan

It is very difficult to get a job or progress in life if there is a case pending in the court of law. Escape from the eyes of police personalities by entrusting the case to one of the brilliant lawyers working here. Some of the crimes like attempt to murder or third degree DUI will be viewed very seriously by the police. The judgment will be imprisonment and fine. Do not panic when this situation arises. Feel free to contact the lawyers working here who will fight for the rights. The lawyer will check the loop holes and do maximum justice to the clients. Many people are unaware that teasing a woman or approaching her with sexual desire is an offense.

The lawyers who love to listen

The court will sentence the accused to several months of imprisonment which will damage his repute in the long run. The attorneys who are well versed in criminal procedures will deal the case fantastically and try to release the customer from the clutches of authority.  Engage the lawyer by paying small fees. He will try his best to rescue the customer from the sentences and fine. Spend the precious time with the lawyer and understand many things about the law of the country. The business agreement is a complicated paper which has different clauses and conditions. The customer should not sign the agreement without consulting a lawyer. Fix an appointment with one of the senior attorneys and entrust the agreement papers for his observation and clearance. Youngsters, if found possessing dangerous weapons will be penalized badly by the police authorities. The youngsters will not be able to pursue their degrees or socialize with others, if they are found guilty of possessing weapons. The penalty and counts will be very severe. Do not lose the valuable life and entrust the case to the lawyer working here. Though there are many lawyers in the vicinity, the lawyers working here will outsmart others quickly. This firm offers free consultation for simple cases. The cool headed lawyers are always ready to help the accused.



The Law Firm Which Is Extremely Versatile

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The Law Firm Which Is Extremely Versatile


Law will take a criminal course of action when the suspect is found to possess illicit drugs or other weapons.  He will end up behind the bar, if he does not approach an affluent lawyer. Engage one of the attorneys working in Law Tampa and come out of the case within a short span of time. The attorney will fight relentlessly for the customer and prove beyond doubt that he was innocent. Approach these mind blowing lawyers and come out of the case in a wink of time. The attorneys working in this office are thorough in civil and criminal law and have worked in both lower and federal courts. They will file summon immediately in the court of law and try to finish of the case as quickly as possible. Believe these lawyers and entrust all the complicated cases.

The lawyers who have extreme patience

Living in the prison is not that easy and is a frightening issue. Do not worry when this law firm is ready to rescue the offender from the clutches of the authorities. This law firm will handle accident cases, civil rights, criminal law, DUI/DWI and other such complicated cases and try to win cases in favor of the customers.

This firm is growing very strong and many customers approach this office regularly. Engage one of the lawyers working here and amplify the chances of winning the case. Generally, police authorities will not leave the accused that easily without professional interrogation and other such complicated formalities. The authorities will insist the accused to bring a lawyer on his behalf. Stay away from the eyes of law by dialing the number given in this website. The intelligent lawyers will discuss the issue in detail with the policy and strike a perfect chord. Walk out of the police station free of all charges with the help of the attorneys working here. Do not become an endangered species and loiter inside the jail premises. Simply place a call to this office and walk out of the jail quickly.

The lawyers who have wide exposure

Life will be a hell when the authorities book a case on the innocent customer. They will pose umpteen questions which cannot be answered that easily. But, the lawyers working in this firm know how to interact with them and save the customer. Many people do not have knowledge or understand the seriousness of the legal systems and get innocently arrested for no mistakes committed by them. Step into this office and learn many interesting aspects of civil and criminal law of the country. The attorneys working here have both passion and patience and will deal all the cases in a matured way. The brilliant lawyers will spring to action and fight for the justice as soon as the customers entrust the case to them. They will turn the case upside down with their immaculate talent and methods. The charges levied by this firm will be fair and reasonable. Get an appointment immediately and speak with the lawyers about the case in detail.


Renting Home Without Trouble

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It is helpful to know your tenant rights, so you should provide some information and resources for tenants (also referred to as “renters”), to ensure that you rights are not denied. Whether you are looking to rent an apartment or house, you need help understanding the landlord-tenant laws in your state, or are involved in a landlord-tenant dispute – this section will provide you with some usefull instructions and informations about you rights and obligations.

For instance, disputes over security deposits are the most common disagreements between tenants and landlords.  Because of this, states have laws with rules for, among other things, what percentage of rent landlords can keep as a security deposit, what landlords can use the security deposit for, and the timeline for when a landlord has to return the security deposit. As with any legal issue, if you believe that your landlord is improperly withholding or misusing your security deposit, it is important to check the laws of your specific jurisdiction before taking action.  The rules concerning security deposits can differ slightly from state to state, so it’s important to look at the laws for your state before deciding how to proceed.

There are several easy and logical tips which will secure you from such situations, and conflicts:

  • Prepare your paperwork : When you go to ckeck out possible unit, bring a completed rental application, written references (other landlords, employers, or friends) and a new version of your credit report. If you go in unprepared, someone else could rent the unit while you’re busy getting your paperwork in order.
  • Examine the Lease Carefully : Don’t just sign the agreement. Read it carefully, and you’ll likely find unacceptable provisions. You must understand that landlords are into securing their rights, rather than yours.
  • Get it in Writing : To protect your rights as a tenant, get everything in writing. Landlords often make shiny promisses before signing the agreement, but make sure that you write everything down and get a sign on that paper from landlord. That is better for both.

  • Guard Your Privacy : Be aware of any provisions in the lease that deal with privacy issues. For instance, you should sign that he can enter on property without noticing only if there is some serious and obvious problem.
  • Make agreement about Repairs : Don’t hesitate to ask your landlord to fix problems that affect the quality of life in your unit (heat, water, electricity, general cleanliness, waterproofing, structural safety, etc). It is fine that you fix and repair what is broken, but make sure that you have agreement who finances them, you or landlord.
  • Get renters’ insurance : Renters’ insurance is relatively cheap and will protect you where your landlord’s insurance won’t. If you suffer losses due to theft or damage or are sued by someone who alleges they were injured in your rental because of your negligence, renters’ insurance can cover you and save you from a large financial loss.
  • Protect yourself : Always check out the surrounding area before you decide to rent. Ask other tenants or local businesses whether the area has much crime, problematic neighbours etc.